Thursday, August 24, 2006

Daf Yomi - Yoma 78 - Feeding a Minor

The Marcheshes wonders as to the reason we are allowed to feed minors on Yom Kippur. Is it because they are in a situation of danger if they would fast and therefore saving their life pushes away the prohibition of eating or is it because a minor is not obligated at all in the mitzva of afflicting himself on Yom Kippur.

Rav Tzvi Pesach Frank asks that a minor is not included regarding all prohibitions in The Torah and yet we are not allowed to feed him something which is forbidden, so Yom Kippur should be the same? This compels him to learn that the reason is because we are concerned for his health. The Rambam rules that a minor under the age of nine should not be afflicted on Yom Kippur and his reason is because otherwise, it might lead to endanger his life. The Ran on our daf seems to agree with this logic (although he disagrees with the Rambam in a different aspect).

There would be a difference l'halacha as to what the reason is. If the reason is because we are concerned for his life, there would be limitations on what and when we should feed him. However, if there is no prohibition, we can feed him whenever and whatever we please.

Minchas Chinuch writes that one should not feed a minor any more than he possibly needs. He states this even regarding a baby, however he concludes that it is difficult to ascertain precisely what is considered his needs.

There is a question as to how one should feed minors on Yom Kippur. Perhaps, one should not give them to eat directly, for one is not permitted to give issurim to someone else.


Chaim B. said...

Why can't you say the issur of feeding a minor applies to ma'achalos assuros, but not to issurrei gzavra that depend on time, e.g. eating before kiddush, before havdalah. YK is an issur of the latter variety

Avromi said...

The M"B 616:5 quotes the MGA that it is forbidden to give the child with your own hands. Your chiluk is said in the Zichron Yosef precisely, however it seems that he does not rely solely on that sevara.