Monday, December 25, 2006

Daf Yomi - Rosh Hashana 20 - The Molad

Here are two very good posts regarding the Gemora on 20b which is extremely technical. Rabbi Avi Lebovitz has a shiur here that you can download and listen to. The Kollel Iyun Hadaf under the leadership of Rabbi Mordechai Kornfeld does a fabulous job on every daf and every aspect of the daf. Please click here where they discuss extensively Rashi's opinion on the sugya which is extremely difficult to grasp.


Daf Yomi said...

You might want to mention that, for Hebrew speakers or people who prefer to learn Torah in Hebrew, there is an excellent Hebrew Daf Yomi Shiur by Rav Yehuda Eliyahu of New York, NY. You can find it at or in Podcast format at

Avromi said...

Done - yasherkoach.