Monday, March 19, 2007

Daf Yomi - Moed Katan 9 - Tovei Lev is Referring to a Birth of a Boy

by Zvi Akiva Fleisher

The Gemora seeks the source which indicates that Hashem forgave the Jewish people for eating on Yom Kippur. The Gemora states: It is written in Melachim I[8:66]: And they went to their tents joyful and glad of heart. This teaches us that the people returned to their homes to find their wives in a state of marital purity, and that they rejoiced in the radiance of the Divine presence, and that each wife became pregnant and gave birth to a boy.

How is this last point derived? The Shaalos U'tshuvos Beis Efrayim written by Rabbi Efrayim Zalman Margolios of Brod, chelek Orach Chaim in the preface page 4, writes in the name of Rabbi Naftoli ben Rabbi Levi of Brod that this is derived from the words "v'TOVEI leiv" being expressed in the plural form. The gemara Brochos 59b says that upon birth of a son a man makes the blessing "hatov v'ha'meitiv." "Hatov" is for the good which he has received, a new son, and "ha'meitiv" is for the good his wife has received, the same new son. We see that the birth of a son is goodness for both the father and mother, and they are together TOVEI leiv.

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Anonymous said...

One thing we are a very patriarchal society verus matriarchial joy is only a boy girls are eh

Anonymous said...

There was another time in history where we ate on Yom Kippur. In the times of Reb Yisroel Salant there was a Cholera Breakout. The doctors said everyone should eat. During Yom kippur Reb Salant Went to the Bimah and made Kiddush.

Avromi said...

Thank you - do you know where that incident is brought down?

Anonymous said...

This Gemurah I think is Missing words look it says a bas kol came out and said "Kulchem Mezumanim lchai alom habah" Here I would insert But TORAH LAV BSHMAYIM HI? The Gemurah goes on and says from where they learnt it out.

Avromi said...

The Maharsha says that they needed mechila because some ate shelo lsheim shamayim. (I actually spoke out like you said when I said the daf)