Friday, November 24, 2006

Daf Yomi - Beitza 29 - Weekday Activity

The Mishna rules that one may not bring pitchers of wine from place to place in a basket or a box on Yom Tov. Rashi explains that carrying packages in this manner appears as a weekday activity and therefore it is forbidden.

The Mishna continues that one is permitted to carry one or two pitchers on his shoulder. Rashi explains that it is evident from the manner in which he is carrying them that they are necessary for Yom Tov and that is why it is allowed.

Reb Menachem Kohn Zt"l in his sefer Ateres Avi explains why Rashi did not explain the reason for permitting the carrying of the wine on his shoulder because it is not a weekday activity. He states that perhaps during the week one would carry one pitcher on his shoulder and therefore Rashi was compeled to state the reason that it's permitted is because it is apparent that he is carrying them for Yom Tov.

The Acharonim discuss the prohibition of performing an action on Yom Tov that resembles a weekday activity. Is the reason for the prohibition because it appears as if the person is doing this action because of his weekday needs? Or perhaps, even if it is evident that his objective is for his yom Tov needs, it is forbidden because this an action that is common to be done during the weekday?

It would appear from our Gemora and Rashi's explanation that the first reason is the correct one and that is why one is permitted to carry the pitcher of wine on his shoulder even though this is a wekday activity. It is allowed because it is evident that he is carrying the wine because he needs the wine for Yom Tov.

Ateres Avi cites Harav Moshe Feinstein (O"C 4:74 Tochen:4) who explains that one is prohibited from performing an action on Yom Tov that is regarded as a weekday activity because on Yom Tov one is required to perform actions in a temporary manner and in a way that shows that the action is needed for Yom Tov. During the week, one is particular on the method of his actions and his actions are performed in a permanent manner. This explains why Rashi stated that carrying a pitcher of wine on his shoulder is permitted since it is apparent that he needs it for Yom Tov. It is this precise reason that creates the distinction between a weekday permanent action and a Yom Tov temporary one.