Sunday, December 31, 2006


The Gemora explained the reason as to why the kohen gadol cannot wear his gold garments into the Holy of Holies when performing the Yom Kippur service. This is based on the rule en kategor na'aseh sanegor - a prosecuting attorney cannot become a defense attorney. The Gemora explains that this principle only applies inside the Holy of Holies for that is where the Shechina resides.

The Ritva writes that one would be permitted to wear on Yom Kippur a tallis that contains gold in it since this is regarded as “outside” and not “inside.” The principle of en kategor na'aseh sanegor only applies “inside.”

Reb Akiva Eiger in his gloss on Shulchan Aruch (O”C 610) quotes from the Pri Megadim that are certain localities that have the custom not to wear gold on Yom Kippur but women and Levi’im are not included in this since they did not donate any gold for the golden calf.

In the sefer, Avodah Berurah, a question is asked that we do not find the principle of en kategor na'aseh sanegor by tefillah since tefillah is regarded as “outside” and not “inside.”

Sefer Chasidim (249) writes that the principle of en kategor na'aseh sanegor does apply by tefillah. He is referring to a case where one wrote a siddur for his friend but he didn’t write the siddur for the sake of Heaven and the friend’s prayers were never answered when using this particular siddur.

Beis Halevi in his droshos (15) explains why the principle of en kategor na'aseh sanegor does apply by tefillah even though the tefillah is not recited inside the Holy of Holies. It is based on the Gemora in Brochos 28b which rules that one who prays should always turn his heart towards the Holy of Holies and therefore tefillah is considered “inside.”


Anonymous said...

1. why does avodah berurah consider tefillah to be outside? is it like avodah bachutz?

2. according to Rav Pinkus based on Arzial, on Yom Kippur one is wearing the tallis of HaShem so perhaps wearing gold on the tallis should be a kateigor

Avromi said...

It is not in the Kodesh Kodoshim

Anonymous said...

in OC siman 98 it says that one should wear special clothing for tefillah like bigdei kehunah!

Avromi said...

Still doesn't make it bifnim but its a good comparison.