Thursday, March 01, 2007

By The Way

Please take a moment or two to look on the left side of this page where it says "Daf Notes Discussion." We have there divrei Torah on the Parsha and on Purim. Click on whichever one interests you and you can comment on them there as well. Thank you.


DryBones said...

I really like your daf yomi notes. And would like to exchange links with you.
I'm writing to you about the Dry Bones cartoon blog.
Dry Bones is Israel's political comic strip, appearing in the Jerusalem Post and other papers since 1973. We're now online with a cartoon every day Monday thru Friday. Technorati ranks us at about 7,000. We won four first place awards in the last JIB (Jewish and Israeli Blog) Awards. (Best overall blog, Best new blog, Best humor blog, and Best Politics and Current Affairs blog).

We'd love to exchange links,
go so well together.

So let us know,
(for Dry Bones)

Anonymous said...

Im sure Tamarah Does The daf Every day('
עד דלא ידע בין ארור המן לברוך מרדכי רבה
What is the reason for this strange Halacha? The concept seems totally foreign to Jewish thought; in fact it's almost sacrilege that is until you have the deeper understanding. We must go back to the very Beginning we are back with Adam and Chavah by the Eitz Hadas the snake convinces Chavah to eat from the Eitz Hadas so she could become Godly defined as" knowing good and evil". What was this Eitz Hadas According to some it was a grape vine and what Chavah ate was actually grapes now she knew she was in trouble and she was going to die and she did not want to die alone so she had to get her husband to eat from the tree too, but he knew the Eitz Hadas was grapes so what did she do she made into wine and gave it to him to drink. The world is destroyed after the Mabul we get a new start. Noach Gets out of the Ark what does he do? The Medrash Tanchumah brings down he plants a vineyard in a joint deal with the Satan who after planting proceeds to Shect a sheep, a monkey, and a pig and uses their blood to water the seeds. For simple reason of course when you first start off you are meek as a sheep, after a drink or two you become brave as a lion, and after another you behave as a monkey, and at long last you are a pig rolling in mud and your own excrement. We look further in Bereishis we have Lot and his daughters thinking they are the soul survivors in the world get their father drunk and procreate the Jewish antagonists of future generations Amon and Moav. It seems the theme of the torah with drunkenness is it is overall a negative thing so again why this mitzvah? The answers lies back in Gan Eden. What was eating from the Eitz Hadas going to give? Give divine knowledge which is defined as knowing good and evil so here we are Purim fixing this very trait we will drink to the extent where can no longer differentiate between Haman And Mordechai which is the quintessential lack of recognition of the difference between good and evil, fixing Chavahs' Original mistake, and now we have come full circle and have a deeper understanding of this very strange mitzvah.
A Freilichen Purim!!!!!!!!