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haveil havalim # 111 - March 25, 2007

Welcome to the March 25, 2007 edition of haveil havalim.

Since this is a Torah blog, let us begin with a short vort (Torah words) on today's Daf and it will hopefully serve as an inspiration for all of us.


The Gemora states: A mourner is not permitted to send his sacrifices to the Beis Hamikdosh through an agent. The Gemora cites a braisa: Rabbi Shimon said: It is written [Vayikra 3:1]: And if a sacrifice of a shelamim is his offering; the word shelamim meaning whole indicates that a person can only offer a korban if he is whole and not when he is an onein (one whose close relative passed away and has not been buried yet – the halacha of bringing a korban applies to a regular mourner as well).

The Sheim Mishmuel comments: It is evident from this Gemora that a mourner is considered "incomplete" in his ability to serve Hashem properly; he lacks perfection of the soul.

The Torah did not command a mourner to conduct the halachos of mourning as a punishment, but rather as a remedy; not only for the deceased but also for himself. When a person is incomplete, he is in grave danger of becoming complete through the powers of the Evil Inclination. When sanctity departs from a person, the Evil Inclination (Sitra Acher) desperately strives to replenish that void and reside in that area. The Torah decrees that a mourner will remain in a state of incompleteness in order to ensure that the Evil Inclination does not take up residence in the location of the mourner's incompleteness.

With this understanding, he explains why it is found that Shulchan Aruch is lenient in many areas of the halachos of a mourner. The Poskim from the later generations have even been more lenient than their predecessors. Why is this? It is because the reason that the mourner should conduct himself with all the halachos of mourning is to ensure that he remains incomplete in a manner that the Evil Inclination will not replace that emptiness. The Chachamim of every generation have weakened the strength of the Evil Inclination and therefore they felt that they can be more lenient regarding the halachos of a mourner.

An important lesson can be learned from here: A person should be extremely careful not to become depressed or sad because that creates a vacuum in which the Evil Inclination can enter, and he can become entrapped in a way that it will be extremely difficult to escape from. This is why the Torah commands that one should attempt to always serve Hashem through happiness and content.

With this in mind, let us hop aboard on a journey through the Jewish blogosphere of last week and with G-d's help, all these wonderful articles will jumpstart our day and week, and will assist us in being better and happier people, which will lead us ultimately to serve Hashem in the way He wants us to.

Rabbi Joshua Maroof presents Dairy, Meat and Hebrew posted at Ask The Rabbi. His answer is just bliss for the Sefardim.

Cahim B. presents learning hilchos Yom Tov 30 days before the chag posted at Divrei Chaim. Bringing the simcha of the festival even earlier.

Rabbi Brody presents Beams Weekend: The Radiant Home Series posted at Lazer Beams. He's the king of radiance.

Chaim presents Shoveling Snow on Shabbos posted at Nefesh HaChaim. Resting on Shabbos is pleasure - shovel after havdalah.

Josh presents Absolut Haggadah: What Do You Mean, It Would Have Been Enough Had God Stranded Us On The Shore of The Red Sea at the Mercy of the Egyptians? + My Take posted at parshablog. We would have been happy if........

Rabbi Brody presents Weekend Beams: Parshat Vayikra posted at Lazer Beams. The more we discard ego and self-interest, the more Hashem grants us success.

Avrohom adler presents Daf Yomi - Moed Katan 6 - CONNECTION BETWEEN THE SHEKALIM AND KILAYIM posted at Daf notes. Uniting with others makes one complete.

Moshe David presents VaYikra 5631 Second Ma'amar posted at Sfas Emes. The mitzvos themselves sanctify us thereby helping us to perform them.

Reb Oizer presents Parshas Vayikra posted at Parsha Potpourri. Confession and repentance - keys for fulfillment.

Robert presents Shmiras HaLashon י"בּ טבת - Teves 12 - One-Hundred-and-Second Day posted at Shmiras HaLashon - שמירת הלשון. The suffering [that a person undergoes] brings appeasement [to HaShem] more than do the sacrifices.

A simple Jew presents An Unheeded Call posted at A Simple Jew. Feel the inspiration.

Rabbi Joshua Maroof presents Trickle-Down Spirituality posted at Vesom Sechel. The material world does us in.


Muse presents Interesting Psak About Kitniyot on Pesach posted at me-ander. The matzah doesn't do enough wonders to the stomach? Pesach chollent with beans, pure ecstasy!!

Muse presents When to switch? posted at me-ander. The women are laughing (perhaps my wife will smile this week).


flickr presents Pesach 5767 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! posted at Not Quite Perfect. Everyone enjoys mocking Al Gore.

Mottel presents Here We Go Again -Gearing Up for Pesach posted at Letters of Thought. When we're finished, we will definitely be happy.

Rafi G presents Shehting korbanos posted at Torah Thoughts. Vegetarians are smiling from ear to ear.

ari kinsberg presents Israeli Animals, or the Israeli Zoo posted at Ari's Blog. A good Chol Hamoed trip will result in joy for the entire family.

Shoshanah presents Paleoneurology posted at Sweet Rose Ramblings (AKA The Call-Waiting Blog). Darwin and company will not be singing and dancing.

V presents Pesach Food and Prices - It?s our fault! posted at V's Jewish Blog. Aren't you smiling when you look over those receipts? My daughter just exclaimed "$250.00 for what? Three bags of groceries?"

Shael presents A Bintel Brief posted at Rabbi Shael Speaks.... Let's pray that the letter will bring about a happy marriage.

Josh presents Introducing the Absolut Haggada posted at parshablog. Sure way to lead to a fulfilling seder.

Carl in Jerusalem presents French Jews petition for asylum in the US posted at Israel Matzav. As a Jew, I am happy that they have awoken to their reality and are seeking to leave (hopefully in time to save themselves) and wish them well.

Gail presents Budapest posted at Rubicon3. The wonders of our community.

Soccer Dad presents Hebron, Moshe Shamir, Z"L, and Memories posted at Shiloh Musings. Memories can be comforting.

Jameel presents Pre-Pesach Observations in Israel posted at The Muqata جميل في المقاطعة. He wants you to enjoy Pesach.

Reb Benr presents Pesach Stringencies posted at Drush and Agadata. Doesn't everyone just love another stringency? Reb Ben's gratifying explanation.

Blogmeister presents Chabad Moves To Conquer the West! posted at Jewish Blogmeister. Montana Rocks!!

Gil Student presents Hirhurim - Musings - The Stability and the Flexibility of the Torah posted at Hirhurim - Musings. Stability is complacency.

Yonathan Ben Shimshon presents Why aren't coffee beans kitniyot? posted at The Kitniyot Liberation FrontEight days without coffee will not be fun!!!

Avromi presents First Try at it posted at Jewish Blog Definitions. Still smiling at the criticism I received, but will improve.

Rafi G presents Kitniyot is now muttar!!! posted at Life in Israel. Soaking the beans in water through the night will help tons.

Shmais presents A Chabad House in West Virgina? posted at Life of Rubin Blog. It's a wonderful community; everyone is very welcoming

A Simple Jew presents An Impediment To Pesach Cleaning posted at A Simple Jew. Don't you just love that snapping sound?

Elie presents Diminished Houses posted at Elie's Expositions. Comfort us in our bereavement and allow us to once again move towards timimus, wholeness.

Jack presents WJEW: Jewish Teen Radio from the North Coast posted at Teruah - Jewish Music, saying, "music and culture blog. Post about new Reform synagogue based internet radio station."


Dag presents The voice of an Abused Spouse: posted at There are no Feminists on a sinking Ship. Sad story, but talking about it can help others.

Irina presents Shoo Away The Paranoia posted at The Ignoble Experiment, a.k.a. Live Dangerously!, saying, "Review of "300"" Irina's posts make everyone smile, no matter what they're about.

Jewish Blogmeister presents Weschester: NO MORE LIGHT BULBS! posted at Jewish Blogmeister. Al Gore will not be excited.

Josh presents Zecher Le-Mekadesh Kal-el posted at parshablog. Comics for a good hearty laugh.

Avi Green presents Eurovision approves controversial Israeli entry posted at Tel-Chai Nation. Showbiz and mockery - fun topics.

Psycho presents Ready for Prime Time posted at Psycho Toddler. A Gevaldige Zach.....Yeshiveshe shprach.........

Robert J. Avrech presents Hollywood Ponders 300 posted at Seraphic Secret, saying, "Maybe you should add a new category: Hollywood."


Carl in Jerusalem presents Embassies preparing to evacuate Tehran posted at Israel Matzav. Tehran won't be happy, but I get the feeling that they don't really care either.

Annie presents Even if it doesn't matter to you, it matters to me posted at Boker Tov Boulder. Obama does look like he's having a good time.

Avrohom adler presents Obama - Good for Jews? Maybe Not posted at How Orthodox Jews should Vote. Talking 08 so early is not good for the happiness level.

Yisrael Medad presents Jewish Blog Mixing-It-Up? posted at My Right Word, saying, "Seems MyRightWord has stumbled on to a bit of internecine Jewish in-fighting, started off by Failed Messiah who attacks Ezzie and Hirhurim." Fighting is almost never good.

Agent Azure presents Muslim Cleric Blames Drought On Faithless Aussies posted at SimplyJews. Depression is the aussies fault as well.


Carl in Jerusalem presents Israel can't give enough of Jerusalem to satisfy the Arabs posted at Israel Matzav. They will never be satisfied.

Jand presents Secular Blasphemy posted at Secular Blasphemy. That computer tech was not happy, to say the least.

Rick Richman presents Brave Critics of Israel posted at Jewish Current Issues. tempers are flaring here.

ZionistYoungster presents Some Choice… posted at Our Children Are The Guarantors. The simple truth is pleasing.

Yisrael Medad presents Shavit Sputters posted at My Right Word, saying, "MyRightWord is unimpressed with the logic of Ari Shavit."

Sammy Benoit presents Why do Islamofacists turn their kids into Bombs ? posted at YID With LID. They are taught "eternal ecstasy."

michael presents While Israel Sleeps posted at Oleh Musings, saying, "There is a problem with the Israeli polity, and we need to wake up to it." Respecting ourselves will lbe gratifying.

Daled Amos presents BEHIND THE SCENES INVESTIGATION OF MUSLIM CHARITIE... posted at Daled Amos. They will not be cheering that this was brought to light.

A Jewish Blog presents Never Forget Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser, and Eldad Regev posted at A Jewish Blog. Let us keep praying.

ari kinsberg presents Bluetooth in Hebrew (And English Names in Gittin) posted at Ari's Blog. Who doesn't get a kick out of poking a little fun at Israelis?

Yitz presents BYE-BYE ISRAEL: A WARNING posted at Shiloh Musings. Only a satire, but scary nonetheless.

Batya presents A Bissel more Balanced than Usual posted at Shiloh Musings. The media turning is a cause for celebration (but it probably is just a bump in the road).

Judith presents An Open Letter to Members of "Breaking the Silence" posted at Kesher Talk. That group does not give us great pleasure.

Hillel presents 'Blatant Double Standards' in Police Investigations - Inside Israel - Israel News - Arutz Sheva posted at Israel National News. The suspension of the three policemen is very grave.

Barbara presents ISRAEL AND ME: PTSD OF THE TERRORIZED posted at BARBARA'S TCHATZKAHS. These tools are aimed at helping you become calmer, healthier and stronger.

Carl in Jerusalem presents Haifa Chemicals plant was hit by rocket during war posted at Israel Matzav. Retroactive jubilation.

SnoopyTheGoon presents Confusion in the Arab street posted at SimplyJews. Check out the pic at the end.

Webutante presents Israeli High School Students Talk about Their "Journey Through Israel" and Upcoming Military Service posted at WebutanteA sobering effect.

Carl in Jerusalem presents US and EU to meet with Kfar Darom murderer Muhammed Dahlan posted at Israel Matzav. This story will not make you happy, but it's an important reminder.

Mediacrity presents The Times Inaugurates 'Palestine' posted at Mediacrity. The Times is just giddy about them.

Joel presents Apartheid Reality Check posted at It's Almost Supernatural. He is fed up!

Carl in Jerusalem presents Death notice for the State of Israel posted at Israel Matzav. That gets Niturei Karta elated, but the rest of us boiling.

Dr. Sanity presents UNITY, BUT PROBABLY NOT PEACE posted at Dr. Sanity. all can be happy in their respective delusions

Jan presents Hamas claim sniping attack as Norwegian delegation visits posted at Secular Blasphemy. willing to hug them

Carl in Jerusalem presents $1.2 billion posted at Israel Matzav. Hamas is sure jumping for joy.

Forkum presents Emblematic posted at Cox & Forkum. assume the best

Yisrael Medad presents The New Anti-Olmert Advert posted at My Right Word, saying, "MyRightWord does us a favor and translates a pwoerful anti-Olmert political advert from the Reservists group." They will be tickled and thrilled with your donation.

Sammy Benoit presents Shelach Lecha All Over Again posted at YID With LID. These people are just depressing. Thank G-d, it doesn't rub off on the rest of us.

Yourish presents Anti-Semitism roundup posted at They laugh at that kind of rhetoric.

Jameel presents Only in Israel... posted at The Muqata جميل في المقاطعة. buy your wife something nice for the chag." I thanked him and smiled to myself.


Elder presents March 18, 1948: Arabs threaten Hadassah Hospital posted at Elder of Ziyon. A sickening attack.

Eric presents Uncle Leo's Medals posted at Is That Legal?We hope for some sort of happy ending to this story.

Webloggin presents Webloggin - Blog Archive » A WWII Hero That History Almost Forgot posted at Webloggin. A hero from the past.

Jon Swift presents Fred Thompson Kicks Gandhi's posted at Jon Swift, saying, "Gandhi even stuck to his principles when it came to the Holocaust. He believed that Jews in Germany should have committed suicide en masse because it "would have aroused the world and the people of Germany to Hitler's violence." It's a good thing Jews stuck to the plan they had instead of following Gandhi's advice, or a lot more of them would have died in the Holocaust."


Obadiah presents Why bait the haredim? posted at Samson BLinded. beacon of light in a sea of black hats

Backspin presents Walt and Mearsheimer Book In the Works posted at Backspin. Crimson faced

Ryan Jones presents Palestine: Jews not welcome here posted at, saying, "The takeover of an empty home in Hebron by new Jewish landlords and their tenants has presented yet another opportunity to unmask the wretchedness and racism of Palestinian Arab society toward those it claims to seek peace with."

Sammy Benoit presents The Most Anti-Semitic Country Award goes to? posted at YID With LID. Nope, not happiness, more like excruciating pain.

Sammy Benoit presents Isn't Farrakhan Dead YET? posted at YID With LID. He certainly was not preaching joy, enchantment and harmony.


Barbara presents EXTREME SOUL MAKEOVER posted at BARBARA'S TCHATZKAHS. A home rebuilding.

Robert presents All These Things posted at Seraphic Secret. good and evil, joy and tragedy


Happy Mom presents What does Hashem want from me? posted at Baby Lox. To serve Him with joy (Hatzlacha on number seven).


bec presents chametz bags posted at lost in bec's world. The five year olds are enjoying the feast.

Sammy Benoit presents JIMMY CARTER HAS ANOTHER NEW BOOK COMING OUT !!! posted at YID With LID, saying, "Sorry for the last minute submission. I wrote this just before Shabbos and just got home. But Its a good satire I hope you agree." Humor and satire go great with the theme. Jimmy Carter doesn't.

TherapyDoc presents A Hollywood Purim Shpiel posted at Everyone needs therapy? Lessons from a family therapist, saying, "In Hollywood they do things differently. I think this one's hysterical." Hilarious, laughing, funny - all great words for the theme of the week.

That concludes this edition. I hope you enjoyed it and I pray that we were all inspired to try to always be happy, for as Dennis always says "Happy people are better people." Shavua Tov and Chag Sameach.


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Rafi G. said...

fabulous job!

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Hey! Great job and this is your first time! Super! Chazak v'nischazeik.

Batya said...

wonderful job
thanks for the links

Avromi said...

Rafi, Anon and Muse - my pleasure.

therapydoc said...

I love the dvar torah. it's true, you know. depression is the enemy. great carnival, too, by the way.

Irina Tsukerman said...

Thank you for the link. Wonderful job! : )

Avromi said...

Doc - thanks for the chizuk. Irina, thank you - my pleasure.

Anonymous said...

fantastic job! Thanks for the link and the dvar Torah! Insightful.

Everything cleanly presented too. Gut vach.

Avromi said...

My pleasure Barbara.
Chag Sameach!

Anonymous said...

>>An important lesson can be learned from here: A person should be extremely careful not to become depressed or sad because that creates a vacuum in which the Evil Inclination can enter, and he can become entrapped in a way that it will be extremely difficult to escape from.<<

Almost forgot avromi, how TRUE TRUE TRUE this is!! It happened to me 5 years ago and I am still dealing with the emotional fallout.

This post will interest you as a 'real life' back up to everything you've said regarding this dvar Torah.

ziontruth said...

Thanks, Avromi! I'm so glad I managed to bless your turn with a short and sweet post. Pesach Sameach!

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We got it to work thanks to Bennett at Daled Amos

thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

I guess this an appropriate place for a request like this I saw this on RYGB blog is it true: Today in the daf There is a mention of Meroz I remember hearing in your Navi Shiurim you bring up the possibility of it referring to a civilization of Aliens.I know that was Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan's View is there an Achroinim or Rishonim that states this explicitly or is it conjecture. I would very much appreciate Mareh Mikomos even just post them seforim here.It will make a great post and will make for great discussion Thanks

Avromi said...

i will check bli neder.

Who is RYGB?
If you don't want to remain Anon, it's a fairly easy process - if you do, it's also fine.

Avromi said...

Rabbi Kaplan

Anonymous said...