Sunday, December 13, 2009

Halachos of the Daf - Bava Basra 90

Basic Staples

Basic staples are food items which are needed to live, they include wine, flour and oil. There are special laws in regard to commerce when dealing with basic staples.

1) One may not sell these items above the common price. Items which are added to the basic staples (i.e. spices), the limit one may profit from them, is double the cost. There is no limit that one may charge, for all other items.

2) When one buys these items, he may not stockpile them. One can do so however, if he grew them himself. In times of famine, one may only store away enough of these items to last him a year.

3) One may not export such items from Eretz Yisroel or from a place which is mostly populated by Jews.

4) In Eretz Yisroel one may not make a business out of selling these items, rather everyone brings his little bit of produce to the marketplace and sells them. This does not apply in a place where it is mostly populated by Jews.