Saturday, December 12, 2009

Halachos regarding Bikkurim

Bringing Bikkurim and not Reciting

Bikkurim are the first fruits (of the seven species), which ripen. One brought to them to the Bais Hamikdash, and part of the procedure was to recite a few verses of thanksgiving (mentioned in Parshas Ki Savo). However in certain instances, one would bring the bikkurim, but not recite the verses, since there are parts of those verses which do not apply to him.

1) Women, tumtum and androiganus – for they can’t recite “I am bringing the first fruits of the land which you gave me”, since only men received the land.
2) One who buys two trees within another’s field – since we are unsure if the two trees entitle him to the ground as well, therefore, he brings bikkurim since it may well be that he has land, however he does not recite, because maybe he does not own land.
3) One who separated bikkurim and then sold his land – since he does not own land at the time of the recital. The buyer does not have to separate bikkurim again, however if he did, then he too, brings but does not recite. This only applies if he separated again from the same species, but if it was from a different species, then he does recite (because in regard to this species it’s the first fruits).
4) One who buys a field for its fruits, meaning he’s only entitled to the fruits, not the land – since he has does not own land.
5) One who separated bikkurim and then became dangerously ill, the one who will be his heir, brings and does not recite – since the one that separates must ideally bring it (V’lakachta Uvasa).
6) One who separated and then sent a shliach, even if the shliach dies and he himself ends up bringing it, he does not recite – since the one who separates it is supposed to bring it.
7) One who separated and then lost it before he reached Har Habayis, reseparates and does not recite – since it’s not the first fruits.
8) One who brought bikkurim to the Azarah, and then it became tamei, does not recite.
9) One who brought bikkurim twice, the second time he does not recite, even if it’s the first fruits of a different species.
10) One who brought bikkurim from Sukos to Chanukah, does not recite.