Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Daf Yomi - Beitzah 12 - Observing Shabbos

The Gemara quotes a verse in Yirmiyah that states and do not carry out a burden from your homes on the Shabbos day. The Gemara states that Rabbi Yochanan maintains that Bais Shammai and Bais Hillel disagree as to whether we say that since carrying was permitted for a food-related purpose, it was also permitted when there is no food-related purpose. Rashi writes that both Bais Shammai and Bais Hillel agree that one is prohibited from carrying on Yom Tov. The reason that Yirmiyah warned the Jewish People not to carry on Shabbos is not because carrying is permitted on Yom Tov. Rather, Yirmiyah exhorted the people regarding the Shabbos prohibition which is more severe than the Yom Tov prohibition, and Yirmiyah hoped that at least people would not carry on Shabbos. It is astounding to read that even in the times of the prophets there were people who were observant Jews, yet they still violated basic Shabbos prohibitions. We should take this to heart and study the laws of Shabbos and observe them.