Sunday, November 12, 2006

Daf Yomi - Beitzah 16 - Neshamah Yeseira, a spiritual state of intoxication

From the original Daf Notes Eiruvin 62
The Gemara states that it is common to have drunkenness on Shabbos. Similarly, we find that the Kohanim should bless the congregation in the Shacharis Tefillah on Simchas Torah, because it is common for people to be drunk at the time of praying the Mussaf Tefillah. It is interesting to note that the Gemara in Shabbos states that everyone agrees that the Jewish People received the Torah on Shabbos. Following the receiving of the Torah, it is said that the great people saw Hashem and they ate and they drank. This is difficult to understand, because how is it possible that the Jewish People received the Torah and then acted in such a brazen manner? To answer this question, we must understand what occurred at Sinai. The Medrash states that the Jewish People were so overwhelmed with the revelation that their souls left them. The Gemara states that in the future there will not be any physical consumption of food and drink. Rather, the righteous will sit with crowns on their heads and bask in the Divine Presence. We also find that it is said regarding the angels who visited Avraham that they ate. The Medrash states that it only appeared as if they were eating. We can therefore suggest that when it said by Sinai that the great people ate and drank, it means that that they were like angels and it only looked as if they were eating and drinking. Similarly, on Shabbos, one receives an extra soul, and it is because of this soul that it appears that one is intoxicated, when in reality one is conducting himself on a higher spiritual level.