Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Daf Yomi - UPDATE from Daf 40


brought to you by Kollel Iyun Hadaf of Yerushalayim
Rosh Kollel: Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld

Yoma 040: Par before Seir

Avrohom Adler asked:

The Gemora is discussing cases where one switches around the order of
the bull and the goat, does he have to start all over again. At one
junction in the Gemora, we think that the case is as follows: the
kohen sprinkles the blood of the bull on the mizbeach before he
sprinkled the blood of the goat on the Paroches in the Heichal.

QUESTION: what happened in this case? Normally, the two bloods are
mixed together and sprinkled on the Mizbeach after he completed all
the sprinklings on the Paroches. Here, that can't be the case because
he subsequently went and sprinkled the blood of the goat on the
Paroches afterwards and presumably this was done by itself. If he did
not mix the blood, then how could he sprinkle the blood of the Par on
the Mizbe'ach? What was done?

Avrohom Adler, Cleveland, USA
The Kollel replies:

Beautiful question! Perhaps that is one of the reasons for the Vilna
Gaon's erasure of this section of the Gemara. (However, all of the
Rishonim and Kisvei Yad have the section.)

Perhaps the Gemara is suggesting that the Beraisa maintains "Ein
Me'arvin le'Keranos," the blood is mixed after sprinkling on the
corners of the Mizbe'ach and before sprinkling on the top of the
Mizbe'ach (see Yoma 57b).

Be well,
Mordecai Kornfeld