Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Daf Yomi - Yoma 42 - Who Shechts the Porah Adumah?

The Gemora brings an argument regarding the validity of a yisroel doing the shechita by the porah adumah. The Rambam in the beginning of Hilchos Pesulei Hamukdashin paskins clearly that it is kosher. This is in accordance with the opinion of Rav Yochanan (Yoma 43) that the porah adumah and the kohen gadol's par can both be shechted by a yisroel. The Ein Mishpat on our Gemora notifies us of a Rambam in Hilchos Porah. The Rambam states (1, 11) that even a kohen hedyot is permitted to burn the porah. This implies that a yisroel is not permitted. However, it is strange to bring this Ranbam, (as Reb Zev Volf asks in the back of our Gemora) for this Rambam is not referring to shechita at all and everyone would agree that after shechita, the service can only be done by a kohen? The Ein Mishpot denotes another Rambam later in perek daled. There, the Rambam states that all the actions of the porah from beginning to end must be done by a kohen. The Ein Mishpat learned that this is referring to shechita as well (and then there would be a contradiction between this Rambam and the one in Pesulei Hamukdashin) and the other acharonim would be forced to say that the Rambam is discussing from after the shechita, but the shechita itself could be performed by a yisroel.


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