Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Daf Yomi - Yoma 40 NEW - QUESTION

The Gemora is discussing cases where one switches around the order of the bull and the goat, does he have to start all over again. At one junction in the Gemora, we think that the case is as follows: the kohen sprinkles the blood of the bull on the mizbeach before he sprinkled the blood of the goat on the פרכת in the היכל.

QUESTION: what happened in this case? Normally, the two bloods are mixed together and sprinkled on the מזבח after he completed all the sprinklings on the פרכת. Here, that can't be the case because he subsequently went and sprinkled the blood of the goat on the פרכת afterwards and presumably this was done by itself. If he did not mix the blood, then how could he sprinkle the blood of the פר on the מזבח?

What was done?


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