Saturday, July 15, 2006

Daf Yomi - Yoma 39 - LaHashem Chatos

The Tanna Kamma in the Mishna holds that the kohen gadol should say 'laHashem chatos' and Reb Yishmoel says that it is not necessary to say chatos. The Rishonim ask on the Tanna Kamma from a Gemora in Nedarim that states that a person should not say 'laHashem korban' for he might be negligent and not say korban causing him to be saying the name of Hashem in vain? The Ritva, Tosfos Harosh and Tosfos Yeshonim offer different answers. The Cheshek Shlomo says that the two cases are not similar for here, even without saying chatos it is still a chatos from the goral (lottery) and therefore we are not concerned that he might not say chatos. The Mefarshim in Mishnayos answer that here the kohen gadol says the שם המפורש, therefore he will be extra careful. It is brought from the Arizal that the shem would come out by itself.


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