Friday, July 14, 2006

Yoma 37 Lots on the Goats 2 or 4?

The Gemora needs a passuk to learn out that there was one lot placed on each of the two goats which were used as korbanos on Yom Kippur. We would have thought (from a different passuk) that there would be two lots on each.
How would the raffle work with four lots for two goats? Would two be blank? Would two say for Hashem and two for the azazel? What would happen if the kohen picked out one of each for each goat?
(Look in אסיפת זקנים and שיח יצחק)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling us where to look. The siach yitzchok seems to say that they were four all together (according to initial thinking) and each two were stuck together. Strange though, why that would be considered four.

Anonymous said...

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