Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Yoma 35 Bittul Torah

The Gemora states that a rasha will be asked why he wasnt busy in learning Torah and his answer will be because he was engrossed in his evil inclination. What kind of excuse is that and why would he even attempt that? Reb Leib Chasman answered that he would rather answer this way and not have to admit to the truth that he was not busy in learning. Wow!


David said...

The gemara itself in Avodah Zara says that "sheibud malchuyos and so'or she'beisah" - ie, the yetzer horah - constitute valid excuses.

Avromi said...

true - but the loshon טרוד ביצרי sounds more like theyre saying "i was preoccupied with my יצר don't bother me"!