Thursday, August 24, 2006


We apologize for not posting or responding to comments yesterday. My computer was down - actually it still is, but we can't let another day slip by. Iy"H, it will be fixed today.


Bennie said...

On this daf on amud aleph there appears a discussion about thr interplay between the angels. Now if malachim have no free will and are dedicated to fulfill Hashem's will how can there be malchimm with contradictory roles.
How does daas torah deal with what seems simotainious contradictory selegation by Hashem
Bernard Antin

Avromi said...

It is a good question - we have different times that malachim did not do what they were supposed to do - famous rashi in breishis with the fruit and the bark - i will investigate and iy"h post

thanks and good shabbos

Anonymous said...

I have a hypothesis that contradictory Divine wills may be only from our perspective but in relation to Hashem, the diametrically opposite wills are really a means with which to balance competing necessities, such as the need to perform justice and the need to perform kindness.