Sunday, October 01, 2006

Daf Yomi -Sukkah 28 - Highlights

1. One should not sleep in a study hall. (28a1)
2. One should be careful not to speak unnecessary words in a study hall. (28a1)
3. One should not speak or even entertain thoughts of Torah in an unclean place i.e. near a garbage dump or near refuse. (28a1)
4. One should commence the Pesach Seder as soon as possible so that the children will remain awake and interested. One must even exit the study hall early on Ever Pesach so that he can commence the Seder on time. (28a1)
5. The Mishna cites a dispute between Bais Shammai and Beis Hillel regarding the minimum dimensions that are required for the Sukkah to be valid. Bais Shammai maintains that the Sukkah must be large enough to accommodate ones head, most of his body and his table. Bais Hillel maintains that it is sufficient even if the Sukkah cannot accommodate the table. Bais Hillel and Bais Shammai also disagree regarding a large Sukkah that is adjacent to a house and the table is inside the house. Bais Shammai maintains that one does not fulfill his mitzvah in this manner as we are concerned that he will be drawn after his table that is in the house and Bais Hillel disagrees. (28a3)
6. Women, slaves and children are exempt from the mitzva of Sukkah. (28a3)
7. Throughout the seven days of Sukkos, one makes his house a temporary dwelling place and his Sukkah a permanent dwelling place. The Aruch HaShulchan writes that one who wishes to speak with his friend onSukkos should do so inside the Sukkah. (28b2)
8. One should endeavor to study Torah in the Sukkah unless it is more conducive to his studies to learn in the house. (28b3)

Thank you to Rabbi Jay Spero for providing us with the highlights