Thursday, October 05, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 33 - Chovah Vs. Mitzva

The Tur 651 writes that even though we hold that the lulav is not required to be tied to the hadasim and arovos, nevertheless it is a mitzva to do so because it would appear nicer. He cites Rashi that there is an obligation to do so because of the possuk zeh keli v'anvehu. The Beis Yosef comments that our Rashi does not say that there is an obligation, rather it is a mitzva to do so and the explanation can be like the Tur that it is because of beauty.

It would seem from the way the Beis Yosef is discussing the Tur that that the Tur is making a distinction between the word 'chovah' and 'mitzva.' Chovah is more of an obligation and mitzva in this context would connote a nice thing to do.