Thursday, October 05, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 33 - Appeasement

If the top of a hadas leaf is cut off, it is disqualified. Ula learned that if a fruit grows in its place, it is kosher. Rabbi Yirmiah posed a shaila as to what would be the halacha if the top was cut off from before Yom Tov and the fruit grew on Yom Tov. Is there a concept that once the hadas was disqualified on Yom Tov, it cannot be revived and become kosher because once it is pushed away from the mitzva it remains in that state or do we say that now it is valid? There is the principle of dichuy by korbanos where once a korban is deemed to be invalid, it cannot become qualified to be used as a korban later. Do we compare mitzvos to korbanos? This question remains unresolved.

The Pnei Yehoshua writes that this p'sul can only be Rabbinic in nature for we have a principle throughout Shas that we cannot learn from kodshim to chulin.

Sheorim Mitzuyanim B'halacha speculates that perhaps this concept will only apply by mitzvos whose purpose is appeasement and to bring about ritzuy, similar to korbanos, however other mitzvos, it would not apply. This is why Rabbi Yirmiah contemplates that dichuy should apply by the mitzva of the arbah minim which is similar to korbanos that it comprises a concept of appeasement.


Anonymous said...

What about the mitzva of kisuy hadam which the gemora involves in this discussion?

Avromi said...

Good kasha,

He adds that the possuk states 'ki hadam hu banefesh yechaper,' so we see a connection between, kisuy dam and kaparah.