Thursday, September 07, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 5 - Proof from the Trop

Posted by David Farkas
The Gemara wishes to prove that the arms of their angels were above their heads, and cites the word “lemaleh” as proof for this assertion. However, that word might only mean that their arms were outstretched above the actual Aron. How does this teach us their arms were outstretched above their heads?

My good friend, Reb Naftali Gettinger, a genius in the purest sense of the word, points to the trop on the possuk. There is a ta’am mafsik (a disjunctive note) on top of the words “porsei kenafayim” – a kadma viazla. Then there is another ta’am mafsik on top of the word lemalah – a revia. The phrases are broken up, to indicate that the word lemalah is a separate idea, i.e., that their arms were outstretched noy just in relation to the aron, but in relation to themselves. If the verse simply meant they were stretching their arms out in relation to the aron, irt would have phrased is as one big idea, and would have used taamei meshores (conjunctive notes) like a mapach or a mercha to connect them.

Reb Naftali recently published an entire book, demonstrating how the sources for many statements of chazal can be found in the trop. It is an extraordinary work. The introduction alone is of overwhelming genius. If you want to be able to properly make the beracha of “ . . . Who grants wisdom to those who fear him”, read this book and pay him a visit.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't know you can do that with the trop.