Sunday, September 03, 2006

Daf Yomi - Yoma 88 - Mikvah on Yom Kippur

The Gemora lists the different people who can immerse in a mikvah on Yom Kippur. One of them is a baal keri. It is ruled in shulchan Aruch that nowadays that the tevila of Ezra which was established for one that saw keri has been nullified, one should not immerse himself in the mikvah on Yom Kippur. There are many sources however that permit this and they maintain that if a person is accustomed to immerse in a mikvah for keri and it will disrupt his tefillah if we do not allow him, then he is permitted. They add that it has been ruled previously if one is walking for a dvar mitzva and there is a body of water impeding his path, he may continue walking through because it is not for the sake of enjoyment. Immersing in a mikvah is also not for pleasure and therefore will be permitted. It is brought down that it should be done privately and a person should fully repent beforehand.