Sunday, August 06, 2006

Daf Yomi - Yoma 60 - לא עשה ולא כלום and sometimes it states לא עשה כלום

There are several times in shas that it states לא עשה ולא כלום. The רמע מפאנו explains this statement as follows: לא עשה means that he did not fulfill the mitzva and ולא כלום means that he did not do an aveira either. The Mishna states that if the kohen gadol performed one avodah before the other - לא עשה כלום. This is referring to the sprinkling of the דם השעיר in the Kodesh Hakodoshim before the sprinkling from the פר. In this instance, besides not fulfilling the mitzva, there is an aveira as well, for he entered the Kodesh Hakodoshim unnecessarily and is considered a ביאה שלא לצורך. The Gemora on עמוד ב discusses a case where he performed the חפינת הקטרת prior to the slaughtering of the פר and here the Gemora says לא עשה ולא כלום. This is understood because there is no aveira being committed for the חפינה is done outside. There is no mitzva or aveira. (שערים מצויינים בהלכה)

Did you come across any instance of either one of those expressions recently? Tell us about it and lets see if the yesod fits. Thanks


Anonymous said...

The Gemara in Nazir is 42a, referring back to a statement on 40a. It says that a nazir who shaves ( after his nazirus is completed) with a razor “lo osoh klum”. Now, according to the Rama Mipano, that indicates there must be an aveirah here. But I fail to see any. Perhaps, one might argue that if a nazir shaves with a razor when he is not supposed to, is in fact doing an aveirah. But I did not get that impression. Please tell me what you think.

Avromi said...

I looked up that gemora and it seems to me that you misquoted it or there's another gemora there. I found that if one shaved WITHOUT a razor then it is "lo osoh V'LO klum." The understanding there is that a mitzva was not done for he did not duse a razor, however there is no aveira either.