Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Daf Yomi - Yoma 62 - Substitute or Original?

The Gemora states that if one designated an animal for a Korban Pesach and it got lost and he chose another one and subsequently the first one was found, he should use the first animal. However, if the second one is of a superior quality, he should bring that one. שערים מצויינים בהלכה proposes according to this a new halacha. If one was given the privilege to serve as the chazan on the Yomim Noraim or to blow the shofar and he fell sick, so they chose a substitute, and then on Yom Tov became better, it should be up to the congregation as to which one is considered the 'muvchar.' (Perhaps, he says, it should be decided through a lottery.)

The Yerushalmi also learns that if there are two animals and one is a fattier animal, however the other looks better, the fattier animal should be chosen.


Anonymous said...

What does it mean by an animal that the other animal 'looks better?'

Avromi said...

I hear - I'd assume that there is such a thing by animals even that are not fatty can still look good (perhaps like all the others - in shape).

Anonymous said...

The Maharitz Chiyos brings from the Chacham Tzvi that the Rambam doesn't state this din of bringing the better one. Although the Maharitz Chiyos proposes another Rambam as a source, I was thinking that maybe the Rambam holds that only a korban being brought on the mizbeach requires the better one not something else, i.e. azazel or possibly chazzanim. Just a thought.