Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Daf Yomi - Yoma 63 - Goral - Heaven Sent

The raffle is the method used to determine which will be the goat for the korban and which will be sent off the cliff. The Gemora in Sanhedrin states the significance of a 'goral' when Yehoshua rebuked Achan and told him that Eretz Yisroel will be divided utilyzing a 'gorel.' It is written in the name of the Gaonim that a 'gorel' is heaven-sent. The Chavos Yoir writes that when a gorel is done properly, it can be considered hashgochas Hashem. The Ran writes that a gorel can also be called a פייס, for it resolves potential fighting among the kohanim. This is why it is found at times that mourners should use a gorel when there is an issue as to who should daven for the amud. Knowing that when done correctly, it is being resolved with hashgocha can certainly be beneficial to all the parties involved.


Anonymous said...

It is said בחיק יוטל הגורל ומה' כל משפטו, so it would seem that using a גורל is a proper השתדלות. Apparently the גורל הגר"א is considered a proper form of השתדלותwhen used properly.