Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Daf Yomi - Yoma 63 - Pushing off the Cliff is like Slaughtering it

The Gemora brings cases by the שעיר that it will be פסול because it is considered a מחוסר זמן. One of the cases is where we shechted the mother because someone was sick and now we cannot bring the שעיר because there is an איסור to shecht a mother and its son on the same day. The Gemora asks that we are not shechting the שעיר, rather we are pushing it off a cliff and that should not be included in the prohibition. The gemora answers that דחייתו לצוק זו היא שחיטתו - pushing it off constitutes a שחיטה.

The Sfas Emes comments that it is only considered a שחיטה in regards to not being deemed a נבילה and the limbs can be permitted to derive pleasure from, however it cannot be eaten because it is not regarded as a זביחה and the Torah says וזבחת ואכלת.

The אתוון דאורייתא concurs, yet he says that he doesn't quite understand the logic how it can be considered a שחיטה for some things and not others.


Anonymous said...

לפני העיון, is this not תלוי in the famous מחלוקת between the Rambam and the Raavad whether there is a מצות עשה to שחט an animal or is there just an איסור not to eat an animal that is אינו זבוח?

Anonymous said...

Maybe we worry that the animal became a טריפה before it died. One of the 18 טריפות is נפולה, after all.

This assumes that it is considered נשחט only once it dies.

We can argue that since זו היא שחיטתו, any טריפות that occurs in the process does not render the animal unfit to eat. Same as שחיטה itself, which cuts a hole in the ושט before the animal dies but does not render the animal a טריפה.