Sunday, August 06, 2006

Daf Yomi - Yoma 61 - Different Animals

The Gemora states that it is necessary to have 43 total sprinklings from the goat and the bull in total, however they do not all have to be from the same animal. If the blood spilled after the avodah in the Kodesh Kodoshim, that does not have to be repeated. He can start from the sprinklings in the Heichal (on the peroches). The Brisker Rov proves from here that the 43 total הזאות which are mandated are not to permit the korbonos to be brought (for if so, it would be required to have from the same animal), rather it is an obligation for the day and could be fulfilled through different animals. The Chazon Ish states that this halacha is only true by the korbanos of Yom Kippur. However, by other korbanos, such as a פר העלם דבר or any korban which mandates sprinklings in two places (the peroches and the mizbeach), it must be done from the same animal.