Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Daf Yomi - Yoma 64 - First or Better?

The Gemora states that if one designated an animal for a Korban Pesach and it got lost and he chose another one and subsequently the first one was found, he should use the first animal. However, if the second one is of a superior quality, he should bring that one. Tosfos comments that this is not applicable by the two goats. Here, the mitzva is always to bring the initial one, even if the latter one is a better animal. He says that the Gemora's halacha would only apply 'בגבולין' or on a korban that is brought in the azarah, however the goats which are burned outside of the three camps, this din does not apply.

The Chacham Tzvi explains the Tosfos that even though the fats of the goat are burned on the mizbeach, its meat is burned outside the camps. The one which is the better animal will be redeemed and used as a korban olah, where the entire animal will be brought on the mizbeach. This is more preferable.

He concludes that if one had prepared wax candles for lighting the menorah on Chanukah and then olive oil was brought to him, he should use the oil. The same would be true regarding an esrog. One should always use the nicer one, even if it was not the first and even if he was ready to use the other. The Shvus Yaakov disagrees with this.