Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 18 - Kasha from my 11 Year Old

We learned in Mishna Berura last week that open space is stricter than ineligible s'chach. If there are three tefachim of air space on a sukkah, the sukkah is disqualified, yet four tefachim (or four amos according to one opinion) of ineligible s'chach is necessary to invalidate a sukkah.

This week, we learned in halacha that a shofar with a hole in it (open space) is valid (there are some conditions to this), yet if one would close it up with material dissimilar to that of a shofar, it would disqualify the shofar. Here we see that ineligible material is stricter than open space (the hole)?

I'm impressed.


Avrohom said...

Impressive for an 11 year old. The problem with the Shofar is the sounding of the Kolos through a medium other than pure Shofar material. This is assumed to produce a different kol and is no good.

David said...

Yesh Lichalek. But still an excellent question.

Yosef Dov said...

open space is not more strick Unless it does the entire length. therefore there would have to be a whole the entire length of the sofer to disqualify it