Sunday, December 03, 2006

Daf Yomi - Beitza 37 - RAV’S SILENCE

Rav Kahana and Rav Assi asked Rav as to the reason why he is not concerned about the element of muktza. Since it was clearly their intent to divide the animal, it should be considered as if they each put the other one’s portion out of his mind and therefore each portion should be regarded as muktza. Rav kept quiet and did not answer this question.

The Ran writes that the reason Rav didn’t answer them is because the question didn’t bother him. The Meiri explains that a person does not set aside something that is in his friend’s hand as long as it is fitting for him and therefore it is not considered muktza.

The Rosh writes that the reason Rav was silent was because he agreed with them and didn’t have a response. Tosfos in Bava Basra (62a) comments that whenever the Gemora states that Rav was quiet to Rav Kahana and Rav Assi, it is because he didn’t have a response and therefore retracted from his original ruling.

In the sefer Divrei Torah from the Munkatcher Rebbe, he cites from the Rama Mipano that Rav is in actuality Rabbi Abba who is mentioned in the Zohar as being a student of Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai. Whenever it states that Rav was quiet, it is because he received an answer based on the secrets of kabbalah from his mentor Rabbi Shimon and he did not have permission to reveal the hidden reason.