Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Daf Yomi - Moed Katan 4 - Food (Round Matzos) for Thought

1. The Gemora concludes that the halacha of extending the restrictions of Shemitah prior to the seventh year was transmitted to Moshe at Sinai only according to Rabbi Yishmael. Rabbi Akiva derived this halacha from the Scriptural verses.

It emerges that there is a dispute if there was an Oral Law transmitted to Moshe at Sinai regarding the pre-Shemitah restrictions.

Doesn't the Rambam state that there cannot be disputes regarding any halacha l'Moshe misinai?

2. Rabban Gamliel’s source (that there are no pre-Shemitah limitations) was through a gezeira shavah of the words “Shabbos, Shabbos,” from the Shabbos of Creation. Just as there, it is forbidden to perform labor on the day of Shabbos, but prior to that day and afterwards it would be permitted; so too regarding Shemitah, only the seventh year would be subject to the Shemitah restrictions and not the sixth or the eight years.

Isn't there a halacha that one is required to add time to the beginning of Shabbos and afterwards as well (tosfos Shabbos)?

3. the Mishna had stated that one should not make ugiyos for the grapevines. The Gemora asks: What are ugiyos? Rav Yehudah answers: They are ditches.

Rashi states that the word "ugiyos" means agul, round, similar to the words "ag ugah," he drew a circle around himself.

The Torah says [Shmos 12:39]: And they baked unleavened cakes of the dough which they brought forth out of Egypt. The term used for the unleavened cakes, i.e. matzos is "ugos" matzos. This would be a source that matzos should be round and not square.