Thursday, April 12, 2007

Daf Yomi - Chagigah 5 - OUR COUNSEL VS. THEIR WISDOM

When Rabbi Yehoshua ben Chanania was about to die, the rabbis asked him: What will become of us from the heretics?

He replied: It is written [Yirmiyah 49:7]: The counsel has vanished from the children, their wisdom has spoiled. The interpretation of this verse is as follows: When the counsel has vanished from the Jewish people, the wisdom of their adversaries will sour.

The Satmar Rebbe in Divrei Yoel (Beshalach P. 425) explains an otherwise seemingly unexplainable Medrash with this Gemora.

The Medrash states: If Moshe would have crossed the Jordan River (into Eretz Yisroel), Haman would have done correctly; now that he didn’t cross over, this is why Haman was hung.

He explains: When Klal Yisroel’s wisdom has decreased and we are incapable of overcoming the other nations, their wisdom is diminished, as well.

If Moshe would have entered into Eretz Yisroel, he would have lived forever and his wisdom would have prevailed over Haman’s; now that Moshe is not in our midst and we have lost his counsel, Haman was hung on the tree.