Sunday, May 27, 2007

Daf Yomi - Yevamos 24 - FOOD FOR THOUGHT

*** Will succeed in the name of his deceased brother teaches us that the brother who performs the yibum inherits the entire property of the deceased brother.

The Zohar (Mishpatim) states: The yavam becomes the father of the deceased brother. Reb Nosson Lubart in Sheiris Nosson says that this is the reason why the yavam receives the entire property of his brother and the other brothers do not get anything. One who dies and a father and brothers survive him; the father receives the entire estate and not the brothers.

*** The Gemora stated: It does not mean that the son born from the yavam and yevamah should be called the same name as the deceased brother; if the deceased brother’s name was Yosef or Yochanan, that is what you should call the son.

Reb Tzadok Hakohen explains according to the secrets of Torah why it is these two names that are mentioned here and in the Gemora Gittin (34b). It seems that the Ben Yehoyadah had a different version in the Gemora, as he asks why the Gemora mentions Yosef and Yaakov, and not Reuven and Shimon like it usually does.

*** The Gemora cites a braisa: No converts will be accepted in the days of Mashiach (it will be assumed that they have ulterior motives). Similarly, no converts were accepted in the days of Dovid, nor in the days of Shlomo.

The Maharil states: Similarly, repentance will not be accepted in the days of Mashiach (it will be assumed that one has ulterior motives). A person should hurry to repent because we are anxiously awaiting the imminent arrival of Mashiach, and if someone doesn’t repent and Mashiach will arrive, he will remain with his sins.

(Margoliyos HaShas)


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