Saturday, September 29, 2007

FOOD FOR THOUGHT - Kesuvos 29 - Daf Yomi

*** Why are the halachos of violation and seducing in Meseches Kesuvos?

*** The Mishna states: These are the na’aros (girls who have reached maturity; generally at twelve years old until they become a bogeres at twelve and a half) who are entitled to a fine.

Rashi explains: If a man violates an unmarried woman, he must pay a penalty of fifty shekalim to her father.

Why did Rashi choose to explain the Mishna to be referring to a case of violation; the same halacha would be true if a man seduces a woman?

*** Rabbi Meir said: Concerning a minor girl from one day old until she produces two pubic hairs; her father is entitled to sell her as a maidservant, but she is entitled to a fine.

Why does she have to be one day old; couldn’t the father sell her as a maidservant while she is still in her mother’s womb?