Sunday, September 02, 2007

Torah Scholars Increasing Peace

Rabbi Elozar said in the name of Rabbi Chanina: Torah scholars increase peace in the world, for it is said: And all your children shall be disciples of Hashem; and abundant shall be the peace of your sons.

The commentators ask: Why does it say that the Torah scholars will increase peace in the world? The Gemora should say that they will make peace in the world.

The Kedushas Tziyon explains based on a Gemora Kiddushin (30b) where Rabbi Chiya bar Abba states that even a father and son, or a teacher and student who are engaged in Torah study will become enemies with one another (as they debate the intricacies of Talmudical law), but they will not budge from there until they become friends with each other.

It emerges that Torah scholars are increasing peace in the world because every time they are engaged in Torah study, they become temporary enemies and then, they bring about peace with each other. Ordinary friends remain friends, and are not constantly making peace. Torah scholars; the more they learn, the more they are increasing peace.