Friday, December 21, 2007

Mazel tov!!! - Hadran - Food for Thought - Kesuvos 112

Rabbi Chelbo, Rabbi Avira, and Rabbi Yosi bar Chanina went to a certain place and they brought before them a peach that was the size of a pan from Kfar Hino. How big is that? It can contain five Sa’ah. They ate one third; they relinquished ownership on one third and gave one third to their animals.

After one year Rabbi Eliezer went one there, and they brought this before him and he took it in his hands and said “A land of fruit went back to becoming salted, from the evil of those who dwell in it.”

*** How were they able to eat before their animals? Doesn’t the Gemora Brochos (40a) rule that it is forbidden for one to eat prior to feeding his animals?

*** How were they permitted to give food to the animals that was fit for human consumption? Doesn’t the Gemora Taanis (20b) rule that it is regarded as degrading food if one gives animals food fit for humans?

*** Why did Rabbi Eliezer state that it was on account of the evil of its inhabitants that the land turned into waste? Didn’t the spies witness that the land of Eretz Yisroel was flowing with milk and honey even before the Jewish people entered there? At that time, only idolaters lives there, and nevertheless, the land produced delicious produce!