Thursday, October 05, 2006

Daf Yomi - Sukkah 33 - Berries Growing in the Air

In the Sefer Nishmas Adam, he speculates as to what the halacha would be if any of the four species would be grown in a planter without a hole. Would we be able to use them for the mitzva? Some ask on him from our Gemora which states that if a berry grows on the hadas after it is cut from the ground, the hadas is valid even though the berry grew when the hadas was not connected to the ground. This should be analagous to growing a hadas in a planter.

The distinction seems to be obvious and Rabbi Solovetchik in his sefer says like this that here the hadas grew in the ground. The berry which grows afterwards will have the same halacha as the hadas from which it grew. The Nishmas Adam was discussing a case where the hadas did not grow from the ground at all and perhaps it is not a valid type of hadas.