Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Daf Yomi - sukkah 46 - Sefika D'yoma by Reb Jay

An esrog is huktzeh l'mitzva on the seventh day, but is muttar on the eighth day (Shemini Atzeres; the Biur Halacha explains that we do not say since it is muktzeh during bein hashmashos, it should be assur the whole day, because it is only assur during bein hashmashos because of a safek).
In chutz la'aretz, the esrog is assur on the eighth day (Sefika D'yoma), but it is muttar on the ninth day (Simchas Torah). The Mechaber brings a yesh omrim that it is assur on the ninth day as well, but the Mishna Berura says if it is needed, the esrog may be eaten, as most opinions are matir.
L'choreh, the reason the Arba minim are not taken in chutz la'aretz on Shemini Atzeres because of a Sefika D'yoma is that with the exception of the first day, the Arba minim are a mitzva d'rabanan, and we do not do a mitzva d'rabanan on a Sefika D'yoma (we are not moseif a day of Chanuka or purim, as they are mitzvos d'rabanan; although we do mitzvos of the Pesach Sederthat are d'rabanan even on the second night [maror, arba kosos], since the Seder itself is a D'oraysa, the mitzvos d'rabanan are done because they are connected to the D'oraysa).


Velvel said...

Isn't the reason because the arba minim would be aconflict with shmini atzeres indicating that its still chol, however by the pesach seder, that is not a concern?

Jay said...

true the arba minim would conflict with shemini atzeres, but sukka does as well. If it would be a safeik d'orays, then the eitza wiould be just to bench at home.

Avromi said...

Sukkah is not a conflict because people go in a sukkah during the year. Look at post by Rav Karr.

Jay said...

ein hachi nami, though Rav Tzadok does not agree. In my previous post, when I wrote "bench at home", I was referring to benching on lulav and esrog. I just want to make that clear.