Friday, November 10, 2006

Daf Yomi - Beitzah 15 - Lekavod Shabbos

The Gemara states that HaShem said to the Jewish People, “ My sons, borrow on My account, and sanctify the holiness of the day, and trust in Me and I will repay your loans.” We find that following Shabbos, it is important for one to partake in a festive meal that is referred to as melaveh malka, the escorting of the Queen. The word for escorting is levayah, which is the same word that is used in the Gemara for borrowing. Essentially, HaShem is telling us, “cleave to Me and I will provide you with your needs.” When one observes Shabbos and takes the Shabbos with him into the week, he can be assured that HaShem will always provide for him.