Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Daf Yomi - Taanis 2 - Pituchei Chosom

Rabbi Yochanan states that there are three keys that Hashem does not delegate to the hands of an agent. They are the key to rain, the key for childbirth and the key for reviving the dead.

It is written in the name of the Gaon that the three keys have the roshei teivos 'chosem.' The first letter of each of the three words spells out 'chosem.'

חיה - Childbirth

תחייה - Resurrection of the Dead

מטר - Rain

It is written in Parshas Tzezaveh ופתחת עליו פתוחי חותם קדש לה and you shall engrave upon it like the engraving of a seal: Holy to Hashem.

The Gaon explains that we can interpret the word ופתחת to mean a key as the word for key in לשון הקדש is מפתח. The keys of the 'chosem' is kodesh since the keys for childbirth, Resurrection and rain are not given over to any agents but rather limited to Hashem Himself.


ben said...

yasher koach. I believe I once heard that the word מפתח is ראשי תיבות for מטר, פרנסה, תחיה and חיה. This would also support the מ"ד who maintains that פרנסה is also one of the four keys.

Avromi said...

Yes, the Tur writes like that in O"C 114.Thank you for reminding me.

ben said...