Monday, January 29, 2007

Daf Yomi - Taanis 21 - Gam Zu La'Tovah

Many stories that have the theme of "Gam Zu la'Tovah,"can be found here SEPTEMBER 11TH.


Anonymous said...

Rashi comments on today's Daf that "Bimshoch HaYovel" refers to the Shechina leaving because it is custormary to blow a long blow at the end.

I wonder if this is the source for our custom to blow Tekia Gdola after each set of tekios on Rosh HaShona. I have wondered for a long time what the source of that custom is.

Anonymous said...

On the Nachum Ish Gamzu the end of Yerushalmi Peah has the same story slightly altered i always wanted to know why is that that there are altering versions in medrash and in Gemuah Yerushalmi and Bavli are they actual Macholoksin or different stories?

Avromi said...

I will try to check on the source for tekiah gedola - it does sound good though

i would assume that theyare arguing regarding the points of the incident