Thursday, June 07, 2007

Was Promiscuity Common? - Yevamos 35 - Daf Yomi

The Gemora states that it is uncommon for a minor to engage in an illicit relationship.

It can be inferred from here that it is common for an adult to engage in an illicit relationship.

This is why the Mishna in Kesuvos (2a) states that they established that marriages involving a virgin should take place on a Wednesday because of the concern that she engaged in an illicit relationship during the erusin.

The Rivash writes that in his times, it was common practice to engage in illicit relationships and they did not heed any rebuke.

The Chasam Sofer (E”H, 133) comments that the unmarried women were promiscuous and they only acted with modesty after they were married. A woman is believed after she is married that she will not cause her humble to stumble since she has “her bread in the basket.”