Thursday, July 19, 2007

FOOD FOR THOUGHT - Yevamos 77 - Daf Yomi

*** How could Boaz be trusted to rule that a Moabite is prohibited, but not a female Moabite? Didn’t we learn that a Torah scholar that teaches a new halacha at the time of the incident is not believed?

*** The Torah prohibits seeking peace with Ammon and Moav. Does this prohibition apply only to the males, or also to the females?

*** How was Yisra allowed to bring a sword into the Beis Medrash? The halacha is that one may not bring a sword into a Synagogue because one who prays will merit long life, and a sword shortens one’s life.


Pilpul said...

1. Could be he only said a drasha.

2. Chinuch seems to say only men.

3. Perhaps Beis Medrash is different.

Avromi said...

1. Chasam Sofer says similar.

2. Yes, Chemdas Yisroel says diyuk like that. He brings proof from Boaz doing chesed with Rus.

3. S"A 151:6 - even a B"M is assur, but you're right in regards to the reason.

David L. said...

3. Ben Yehoyada asks - the sword is usually referred to as Esavs - why was he referred to as a Yishmaeli? Esav carries a large sword outside (exposed) - while Yishmael carries a small sword hidden in their garments. Because he was going into the Beis Medrash, he carried it Yishmael style instead of leaving it exposed.

Anonymous said...

I heard a great vort From Rav Wolfson about the sword and yishmael connection the Gemurah says I think esser kavin of tipshus came down to the world and the yishmaelim took 9 says the masgiach Rav wolfson When it comes to halacha lmoshe Misinai you have to make yourself like a tippish and ask no questions