Friday, July 20, 2007

FOOD FOR THOUGHT - Yevamos 79 - Daf Yomi

*** Why did Dovid wait another year to investigate other sins; as soon as he saw that it wasn’t because of idol worship, he should have checked if it was because of promiscuous behavior?

*** Why did Dovid wait three years until inquiring of the Urim Vetumim?

*** According to the opinion that maintains that a eulogy is for the sake of the living, why were the Jewish people punished for not eulogizing Shaul correctly? They obviously were mochel it?

*** What happens if there is a person that only has one or two of the characteristics of a Jew, but he doesn’t have all three?

*** Why does the Gemora state that it is better to uproot one word in the Torah etc.? They uprooted an entire verse.

*** How did they accept one hundred and fifty thousand converts after this incident? We previously learned that they didn’t accept converts in the times of Dovid and Shlomo.


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