Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Story from the Daf - Yevamos 119 - Daf Yomi

The Zidichover Rebbe was deathly ill in Levov, and the people standing by his bedside observed that he was almost in a vegetable state. The Rebbe instructed them to give charity to the tzedakah of Rabbi Meir ba’al haneis. He explained: The majority of people, who are in a vegetable state will die; most people who are ordinarily sick will survive. Rabbi Meir is the Tanna, who is always concerned for the minority; this is why giving charity to a tzedakah in Rabbi Meir’s merit can produce a recovery from the locks of death.


Anonymous said...

story. similar to chasidim who apply the statement kedai Rabbi Shimon (Bar Yochai) lismoch alav bishaas hadechak