Friday, July 21, 2006

Daf Yomi - Yoma 44 Gold or Good Gold?

Gemara states that there is gold and good gold and brings proof from pasuk that states "and the gold of this land was good." Questions is, if the gold is not good, what is it?


Avromi said...

Tosfos explains that 'good gold' is when you are צורפים אותו - refine it, all of the gold remains. We can assume that by inferior gold, that does not happen.

Ben said...

Tosfos is referring to the two distinct categories in the Gemara. I am asking about the passuk which is talking about the gold of "the land?" That gold cannot be referring to refined gold!

Avromi said...

Once again, Tosfos explains that 'good gold of the land' is referring to gold that when it's refined will have nothing missing from there.

ben said...

Chizkuni Breishis 2:12 writes
וזהב הארץ ההיא טוב - ויכולים לערב בו נחשת ועדיין יתראה טוב, והלא דברים ק"ו אם מן הנהרים היוצאים ממנו כך, תוכו לא כל שכן.

Does he mean the same as Tosfos?

Anonymous said...

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