Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Two Earlier Comments from Reb Reuven Levitin

1. You had a question about why the path of the Kohen Gadol reflected the second bais hamikdosh, and not bayis Rishon, or the eagerly anticipated bayis Shlishi. I would suggest that the Mishnayos were written by Tanoim, many of which lived during bayis Sheni. They were giving examples based on what their current experience was. Even though Rebbi lived a good 100 years after the BM II was destroyed, the Tanoim of his time were very familar with that which wasn't all that long before. I also believe that Rebbi is a compiler of mishnayos, not the writer, many of them predated him.
2. On Perek Alef Eicha (Farkas) the comments had some skepticism on Rav Gifter's quote from the Gra'Y. (I think one of them was Ben) First of all, Rav Gifter was an Eidim by R' Zalman Bloch, not the Gra'y. Also, I have heard that story Beshem Rebetzin Ausband, who is a daughter of R' Avrohom Yitzchok. THe skepticism was related to how did the story get out. R' AY B (and much of the Yeshiva) was killed on 20 Tamuz. Most of the city, however, including the Nashim vetaf, were killed on 7 ellul, almost 2 months later. So there was adequate time for such a story to get out. Either way, however, it is efsher levarer, as Rebetzin Ausband is still in Cleveland.


ben said...

I didn't want to get too detailed but my understanding is that Rebbetzen Ausband herself questioned the story. Like all stories, we just may never know.