Sunday, December 10, 2006


The Gemora cites several sources to teach us that even if one delays on the bringing of a korban, the korban is still valid.

The commentators all ask as to what would be the logic of invalidating the korban? While it is true that the owner committed a transgression by not bringing the korban in the proper time but why would the korban become unfit to be brought?

There are many answers on this question and we will cite several of them.

The Shitah Mekubetzes in Zvachim (29a) answers that this would be compared to a korban which is passed its time limitation. The same way that the korban is invalid, perhaps if the person passes his time limitation, the korban becomes disqualified as well.

Turei Even answers that there is a principle by kodoshim that if the Torah repeats a law twice, this indicates that the kodoshim is unfit to be used. In our Gemora, there were several verses cited to prove that one is not allowed to delay the offering of the korban and therefore there is a legitimate reason to believe that the korban will become disqualified.

The Pnei Yehoshua answers that since the possuk states “Do not delay like you vowed,” one might think that if you will delay, that will annul the vow.

Minchas Oni (son-in-law of the Noda Beyehuda) answers that Rava states that whenever the Torah commands that something should not be done, if it is done, it is not valid. The Torah warns us that one should not delay in bringing the korban, so one might think that if you do procrastinate, the korban will be disqualified.