Friday, December 15, 2006

Daf Yomi - Rosh Hashanah 11 - Lekavod Shabbos

The Gemara states that just like the Jewish People were redeemed from Egypt in the month of Nissan, so too will we be redeemed in the future in the month of Nissan. The Gemara states further that on the first night of Pesach, the Jewish People are protected from harmful agents. It is noteworthy that the Gemara in Shabbos states that if the Jewish People were to observe one Shabbos properly, then we would be redeemed. Furthermore, the Medrash states that if one guards the Shabbos, the Shabbos will protect the person. Thus, Pesach and Shabbos are similar in that they both portend the redemption, and on Pesach and on Shabbos the Jewish People earn a special protection from all harmful influences.